Ace Dry Ice... when you need, where you need it.

Solid Purefection.

The Ace Ice ‘Purefect’ Beverage Cube

Water so Minnesota pure,

All you taste is your favorite drink.

Size so perfect,

Your blender and beverages will thank you.

Ace Ice Company has manufactured and delivered the highest quality to satisfied customers in the Twin Cities for over 50 years – well before all of our competitors.


Our solid history is the foundation, and what we have built is a manufacturing process that culminates in what we believe is the best ice product available. Call it ‘Purefection.’


The Signature Ace Ice ‘Purefect’ Beverage Cube

We treat our ice as it should be treated – a food – and follow strict manufacturing procedures to guarantee unrivaled product quality.



  • Derived from Minnesota Northwoods filtered water – one of the best water sources in the entire nation.
  • THE safest ice in Minnesota. No one else guarantees 100% metal detection.



Look closely, and you’ll see how we distinguished ourselves from the competition – the Smaller Cube:

  • Blender friendly.
  • Pour drinks easily without unexpected splashing.
  • All cubes, no chips.


Efficient ‘two degrees colder’ cubes

  • State-of-the-art manufacturing process “super-freezes"
     and dries every cube so they remain loose in the bag.
  • Colder ice means beverages quickly cool down.


Excellent packaging

  • Each bag dated and coded for maximum product quality control.
  • 100% heat sealed for complete closure.
  • High-quality plastic bags remain rip-free.
  • Pillow design allows you to stock 20 percent more bags.

 Why we're 'Ace' — our service

Ace Ice Signature Service

Perhaps most important: We’re open when you are. Every day of the year. No exceptions.

  • After hours deliveries.
  • Customer service personnel respond to you until 10pm. No answering machines.
  • Need to know how much ice to buy? Let the Ace Ice Estimator tell you.



Quality merchandisers and service


Other Ace Ice choices

  • Ace Ice Sculptured Products. Custom carved, clear and long lasting.
  • Ace Ice Dry Ice. Blocks and pellets.
  • Ace Ice Crushed Ice. 18- and 35-lb bags.
  • Ace Ice Unsculptured Blocks. Crystal clear and long lasting.


Contact us at regarding product information and pricing.


Ace Ice Company strives to be an industry leader in constantly finding ways to be more green.  Plus, we proudly support the local and national beverage and ice industries through our various association memberships. Click here to learn more.